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Started fucking about with local Reading band 'My Wife Drinks Pints' in the studio and did a guest appearance singing at Cartoons.

Totally fucked that up, so formed a mini band with the lead guitarist of MWDP and a drummer called Rory McCrindle. We played the gong show every Thursday at the Purple Turtle when it was in Duke Street, Reading.

This was the first incarnation of Jesus and the Gravy Train. The rest is history.

Jesus says Relax, it won't hurt a bit.


Started playing Bass in the late eighties in a band called the crumpetes which had three girl singers. Sang in a punk band called wild youth when 16 and played in a few other bands but nothing serious until Jesus and the gravy train.

A Few influences are Sid Vicious, he couldn't play but had a huge effect on people. Duff from Guns N Roses.

G regularly gets called out for being famous, has great fun with this. So be careful as he and the rest of the band tend to play along.  


Started in Bands in and from school. First one up was ‘Bomber’ the name was taken from a Tubeway Army song. This changed and reformed into ‘Under The Influence’ and gigged all over for a few years. After the singer left the band split and ended up playing in a few other bands before meeting the guys and becoming the Guitarist for ‘Jesus & The Gravy Train’. After managing a covers act, ended up playing Bass for a few years in one. After that as a Singer in Tribute acts, playing in Theatres and Venues, touring all over the UK, N. Ireland, Finland, Romania etc.

Still performing in those acts and working as a supporting actor in Films and TV, still wants to be playing ‘live’ and getting up in front of an audience.

Started private tuition percussion lessons at age of 11.

Played in orchestra before joining first band Outwood Edge in 1987.

Original and founding member of Jesus & The Gravy Train in 1990.

Influences, Adam & the Ants, Larry Mullen JR, Mike Borden, Steven Adler, Matt Sorum and Danny Fraifield. Juicy bits - no comment!


Here's how brain recalls it. Started in the late 80s playing keys for a band we formed at school called "Deadloss". Started playing guitar as it was far sexier and we started gigging in Reading at Cartoons,Friends Pizza and the after dark. This morphed into the metal band "Fatal Error".This led into sound engineering and various live and recording work cumulative in a month in a studio in Germany with uk rock band "Strangeworld" engineering their debut album. Later when they split I formed a band with their vocalist and bass player called "Ritual liars",recorded a couple of demos and won a battle of the bands at the haymarket in Basingstoke.In amongst all this was whoring myself in covers/tribute bands with equally shameless individuals.The rest is a bit blurry. ......

Saturday 18th June - The Purple Turtle, 9 Gun St, Reading RG1 2JR

+ Support - Pack Of Thieves

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